Natural Gas

Musket is leading the way in developing affordable access to CNG fuel

Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, is gaining significant momentum as an alternative transportation fuel for Class 8 trucks, light fleets and consumer vehicles. Municipalities, businesses and consumers are converting their vehicles to CNG and purchasing new CNG-enabled models to take advantage of reduced emissions and affordability. The trucking industry is currently testing CNG benefits in tractor-trailers and will be next to adopt CNG as a fueling option.

Musket is focused on delivering value on a growing demand for natural gas fuel. We provide a full-service solution for your resource needs.

  • Structured products
  • Supply procurement
  • Risk management
  • Site development / construction / maintenance
  • Back office systems
  • Compliance
  • Retail delivery

Benefits of CNG as transportation fuel:

  • CNG is a clean-burning fuel – because it is primarily methane, CNG is a non-reactive hydrocarbon, meaning its emissions do not react with sunlight to create smog
  • CNG is affordable – compared to diesel, CNG averages roughly $2.00 less per gallon equivalent
  • CNG is becoming more widely available - Musket has access to a leading network of retail locations for CNG fuel needs, furthering the demand for availability