Musket Railyard

Ethanol is a renewable alcohol created by the fermentation of grain starches. It is added to gasoline to provide extra “oxygenates” to the combustion of gasoline to help complete the combustion cycle and reduce pollutants in the exhaust.

Ethanol (or similar oxygenate) is required by law to be added to “reformulated” gasoline in many parts of the country that are considered “non-attainment zones” for air quality. This includes most of the large urban areas. Additionally ethanol is used as an oxygenate and octane booster in most areas of the country for conventional gasoline.

Aside from the obvious need to use in mandated areas for air quality, Ethanol is a competitive blend stock for octane most of the time.

Musket operates three unit train facilities to efficiently distribute customers ethanol cost competitively. We also operate manifest supply at several terminals as the market dictates.



Railcar Capacity

Railcar Headers


Loading Bays

Forth Worth

5101 Lonestar Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76106

112 48

10,080,000 Gallons 

3 Bays, 2 Arms Per Bay

2103 Federal Road
Houston, TX 77015

96 40 5,146,000 Gallons 3 Bays, 2 Arms Per Bay

 816 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85009

60 60


1 Bay, 2 Arms