Isobutanol (Ethanol-Free Gasoline)

Musket Corp - Refined Products

Renewable Oxygenate Alternative To Ethanol

Isobutanol = More Power = More MPG

Isobutanol-blended gasoline is the preferred choice for customers seeking ethanol-free solutions within RFG areas. Isobutanol gasoline contains only 2.7% oxygen by weight, so it can deliver more energy per gallon. The blend is especially suited for marine applications where ethanol-related corrosion is a major issue. Gasoline blended with 12.5% isobutanol meets EPA criteria for reformulated gasoline (RFG) markets.

Musket began distribution of isobutanol gasoline blends in the Houston area in late 2016, and our ability to source, transport, and blend fuels has let to rapid growth in and around Houston. We have exclusive distribution rights of isobutanol within a 500-mile radius of Houston, which is a market region that includes Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma, Louisiana, as well as the majority of South and East Texas. We have also partnered with a number of ethanol-free gas retailers to serve a wide area of customers in search of true ethanol-free gasoline.